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Board of Adjustments

The purpose of the Board of Adjustment shall be to hear and decide appeals when it is alleged there is error made by the Zoning Administrator in enforcing the zoning regulations of the City of Bridgeport.

The Board of Adjustment meets as called in the Bridgeport Public Library at 722 Main Street. The official proceedings of all regular, special, and emergency meetings of the Board of Adjustment are posted online, 

It is the mission and overreaching goal of the Bridgeport Tree Board to preserve and maintain the urban forest within the City of Bridgeport, now and for future generations.


In achieving this mission, the Tree Board studies, investigates, develops, and recommends to the City Council for its approval, a written plan (updated annually) for planting, care, preservation. pruning, replanting, removal or disposition of trees in the public ways, streets, alleys, and city-owned properties. The Tree Board assists in establishing and maintaining tree ordinances adopted by the City of Bridgeport and establishes programs to provide for a healthy and vibrant urban forest within the commmunity,

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