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2.49% for Credit Cards

$1.75 for ACH

Council Meetings are the second Tuesday

of every month at 5:30 p.m. 

Prairie Winds Community Center 

428 North Main Street

809 Main Street
Bridgeport NE  69336 
Hours M-F
7:30 am - 4:30 pm

News & Announcments
Events Calendar

Public Alliance for Community Energy

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Help us keep Bridgeport’s drinking water safe by eliminating unprotected cross connections! One way to do this is by completing the Cross Connection Plumbing Survey. 


A survey and inspection every five years of each home and building connected to the public water supply. Inspections of the plumbing system by the property owner or tenant are required to determine if backflow hazards or cross connections exist. Water customers should report any cross connections to Bridgeport Water System by completing the Cross Connection Survey.

This brochure will help guide you in how to answer the questions on your Cross Connection Plumbing Survey.

The numbers in the brochure correspond with the numbers on the survey.

Click on the icon below for more information and to help with survey questions

Water Filter Faucet


Phase 1 - Veteran Deceased

Memorial Day 2024.



Click on Banner for Application



Bridgeport Brave Banners

Bridgeport Public Schools



Weekly testing of the tornado sirens will continue THURSDAYS at 10:00 A.M.  The test will consist of a solid tone, which will sound for approximately one minute.


What do these tones mean?


In the event of severe weather, one solid tone means that a tornado warning has been issued that affects the city, or that a funnel cloud, tornado, or strong rotation has been observed by trained spotters that will affect the immediate area.  You should seek shelter immediately!  These sirens will be sounded for three minutes and may be re-sounded if the warning is extended, or the threat is increasing.


For the City of Bridgeport, the City of Bayard, and the Village of Broadwater, a solid tone blast will sound for the “all clear.” This means that the threat of tornado activity in the immediate area has ended.  The all-clear siren will sound for one minute. 


In the event of a tornado, residents are encouraged to seek shelter, and to remain there until the “all-clear” has been sounded. 


Morrill County participates in Panhandle Alert.  This is a system that allows the Morrill County Sheriff’s Office to send out both emergency and routine notifications.  The system will also send out automatic severe weather notifications.  You must register for this system in order to receive the alerts.  If you would like to receive weather alerts to your home or mobile phone via the Panhandle Alert system, and have not yet signed up, please go to:

Emergency Snow Route Map

2023 Dog and Cat License

  • Tags can be picked up at Flatwater Veterinary Services, Alliance Animal Clinic or the City Office. 



2024 ATV License

  • Can be picked up at the City Office.




Multiple Board Openings

  • Contact the City Office for more information. 


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